This page attempts to identify all units down to the company or troop level which participated in the campaigns of the Anglo-Zulu war. So far all units which fought at Isandlwana are listed and some others.

Source(s) :
Castle, Ian: Men-at-arms 388, Zulu War - Volunteers, Irregulars & Auxillaries. Oxford: Osprey Publishing, 2003.

Colenso, Frances E.: History of the Zulu War and its origin. Picadilly: Chapman & Hall Ltd., 1880.


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I. Imperial units

1st King's Dragoon Guards (Gen. Henry Aitchison Hankey)

3rd Regiment of Foot (East Kent, The Buffs; Gen. William Craig Emilius Napier)
- 2nd Battalion / 3rd
-- 8  companies

5th Brigade, Royal Artillery
- N Battery / 5th (Lieut. Col. A. Harness)
-- Lieut. Henry Curling's Division (N/5th)

6th Brigade, Royal Artillery
- M Battery / 6th (Maj. W.H. Sandham)

- N Battery / 6th (Maj. F.S. le Grice)

- O Battery / 6th (Maj A.W. Duncan & Capt. R. Alexander)

7th Brigade, Royal Artillery
- 8th Battery / 7th
-- Maj. H.L. Ellaby's Section (8/7th)

- 10th Battery / 7th
-- Maj. J.F. Owen's Gatling Battery (10/7th)

- 11th Battery / 7th (Maj. E.G. Tremlett)
-- Maj. Francis Russel's Rocket Battery (11/7th) (Note: Crew from 24th Reg)
-- Lieut. W.N. Lloyd's Section (11/7th)
-- Lieut. F. Nicolson's Section (11/7th) 
-- Lieut. F.G. Slade's Detachement (11/7th) (Note: Crew from 80th Reg)
-- Lieut. A.J. Bigge's Rocket Section (11/7th)

13th (1st Somersetshire) Regiment of Foot (Gen. Philip Spencer Stanhope)
- 1st Battalion / 13th

17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge's Own; Gen. John Charles Hope Gibsone)

21st Regiment of Foot (Royal Scots Fusiliers; Gen. Sir Frederick William Hamilton)
- 2nd Battalion / 21st

24th Regiment of Foot (2nd Warwickshire Regiment; Gen. Pringle Taylor)
- 1st Battalion / 24th (Lieut. Col. H.B. Pulleine)
-- Lieut. Francis Porteous' A Company, (1/24th Foot)
-- Capt. Reginald Younghusband's C Company, (1/24th Foot)
-- D Company, (1/24th Foot)
-- Lieut. Charles Cavaye's E Company, (1/24th Foot)
-- Capt. William Mostyn's F Company, (1/24th Foot) 
-- Capt. Thomas Rainforth's G Company, (1/24th Foot)
-- Capt. George Wardell's H Company, (1/24th Foot)

- 2nd Battalion / 24th - (Maj. Degacher)
-- Lieut. Gonville Bromhead's B Company (2/24th Foot) 
-- Lieut. Charlie Pope's G Company (2/24th Foot)

57th Regiment of Foot (West Middlesex; Gen. Sir Edward Alan Holdich)

58th Regiment of Foot (Rutlandshire; Gen. Sir Arthur Johnstone Lawrence)

60th Regiment of Foot (The King’s Royal Rifle Corps; Gen. Sir Arthur Augustus Thurlow Cunynghame)
- 3rd Battalion

75th Regiment of Foot?? (Gen. John Thomas Hill, Col. Milles)
- Capt. Boyes [F.C.]
- Lieut. Trower [F.C.]

80th Regiment of Foot (Staffordshire Volunteers; Gen. Sir Richard Wilbraham)

88th Regiment of Foot (Connaught Rangers; Gen. William Irwin)
-- one company

90th Regiment of Light Infantry (Perthshire Volunteers; Gen. William Hassall Eden) 

91st Regiment of Foot (Princess Louise's Argyllshire Highlanders; Gen. James Robertson Craufurd)

94th Regiment of Foot (Gen. Richard William Penn (Curzon-Howe), 3rd Earl Howe)

99th Regiment of Foot (The Duke of Edinburgh’s (Lanarkshire), "The Buffs"?; Gen. Samuel Haybrooke)
- 2nd Battalion / 99th

Army Hospital Corps

Army Medical Department

Army Service Corps

Commissariat and Transport Department

Imperial Mounted Infantry
- Squadron No. 1
- Squadron No. 2

Naval Brigade (Cdr. H.J.F. Campbell)
- contingents from HMS Active, Shah, Tenedos and Boadicea

Ordnance Store Department

Royal Engineers Corps

Royal Marines

II. Colonial units

Natal Mounted Police (Maj. J. Dartnell)

Natal Volunteer Corps
- Alexandra Mounted Rifles (Capt. W. Arbuthnot)
-- Troop 1
-- Troop 2
-- Troop 3

- Baker's (Light) Horse (Capt. J.F. Baker)

- Buffalo Border Guard (Capt. John S. Robson)

- Cape Mounted Riflemen (Col. H.G. Moore; Col. Z.S. Bayly) (Colonial)

- Carbutt's Border Rangers (Capt. Thomas Carbutt)

- Durban Mounted Rifles (Capt. W. Shepstone)
-- Troop 1
-- Troop 2

- Durban Rifles (did not take part in the campaigns)

- Durban Volunteer Artillery (later Natal Field Artillery)

- Ferreira's Horse (Colonel I. Ferreira) (irreg.)

- Free Lances (some informal mercenary groups in Transvaal)

- Frontier Light Horse (Lt. F. Carrington / Maj. Redvers Bullers / Capt. R. Barton / Capt. C. D'Arcy)
-- Troop A
-- Troop B
-- Troop C
-- Troop D

- Isipingo Mounted Rifles (Capt. D. Stainbank) (did not take part in the campaigns)

- Kaffrarian Riflemen / Kaffrarian Vanguard (Cdt. F. Schermbrucker) (irreg.)

- Lonsdale's Horse or Mounted Rifles (Cdt. R. Londsale)
-- Troop A
-- Troop B
-- Troop C
-- Troop D (Capt. Lumley)
-- Troop E
-- Troop F
-- Troop G
-- Troop H

- Natal Carbineers (Capt. T. Shepstone jr.)
-- Troop 1
-- Troop 2
-- Troop 3
-- Troop 4
-- Troop 5
-- Troop 6
-- Troop 7

- Natal Field Artillery (formerly Durban Volunteer Artillery)

- Natal Horse / Bettington’s Horse
-- Capt. U. de Burgh's Troop No. 1
-- Capt. J. Cooke's Troop No. 2
-- Capt. R. Bettington's Troop No. 3

- Natal Hussars (Capt. P. Norton)

- Natal Light Horse (Capt. W. Whalley)

- Natal Volunteer Guides (Capt. F. Addison)

- Newcastle Mounted Rifles (Capt. M. Osborne / Capt. Robert Bradstreet)

- Pietermaritzburg City Guard (did not take part in the campaigns)

- Pietermaritzburg Rifles (did not take part in the campaigns)

- Raaffs' Transvaal Rangers (Cdt. R. Raaff) (irreg.)

- Schuttes Corps (Capt. Schutte) (irreg.)

- Stanger Mounted Rifles (Capt. F. Addison)
-- Troop 1
-- Troop 2

- Transvaal Burgher Force (Piet Lafras Uys / Adriaan Rudolph) (irreg.)

- Uys Commando (Piet Lafras Uys / Adriaan Rudolph) (irreg.)

- Victoria Mounted Rifles (Capt. Charles Saner)

- Wakkerstrom Free Lances (Cdt. J. Henderson)

- (Weatherley's) Border Horse / (Weatherley's) Border Lances (Lieut.-Col. F. Weatherley; Maj. Dennison)
-- Troop 1
-- Troop 2

III. Native auxiliary units

amaBomwu Corps (Chief Siphandla; J. Searle)

amaNgwane Corps (Chief Putsha; G. Evatt)

Mafunzi Corps / Mafunzi Horse (Chief Nginisa; Capt. Maclean / Capt. C. Nourse)

Border Guard

Border Guard Reserve

Eckersley’s Contingent (irreg.)

John Dunn's (Foot) Scouts (Cdt. Moore)

Natal Native Contingent (NNC)
- 1st Regiment (Brev. Lieut.-Col. A. Durnford)
-- 1 Battalion / 1st (Cdt. A. Montgomery)
--- Capt. C. Nourse' D Company (1/1st NNC)
--- Capt. W.H. Stafford's E Company (1/1st NNC)

-- 2 Battalion / 1st (Maj. H. Bengough)

-- 3 Battalion / 1st (Capt. C. Cherry)

- 2nd Regiment (Maj. S. Graves)
-- 1 Battalion / 2nd (Maj. S. Graves)

-- 2 Battalion / 2nd (Cdt. W. Nettleton)

- 3rd Regiment (Cdt. R. Lonsdale)
-- 1st Battalion / 3rd (Cdt. G. Hamilton-Browne)
--- Capt. R. Krohn's Company No. 6 (1/3rd NNC) 
--- Capt. J.F. Lonsdale's Company No. 9 (1/3rd NNC)

-- 2nd Battalion / 3rd (Cdt. A. Cooper)
--- Capt. O.E. Murray's Company No. 1 (1/3rd NNC)
--- Capt. E.A. Erskine's Company No. 4 (1/3rd NNC) 
--- Capt. A.J. Barry's Company No. 5 (1/3rd NNC)

Natal Native Horse (Lieut. W. Cochrane)

Natal Native Mounted Contingent
- Zikhali Horse (Troops No. 1 to 3)
-- Lieut. C. Raw's Troop No. 1
-- Lieut. J.A. Robert's Troop No. 2
-- Lieut. W. Vause' Troop No. 3

- Lieut. A.H. Henderson's / Hlubi's Basutos (Troop No. 4)
- Lieut. H.D. Davies' Edendale troop (Troop No. 5)
- Jantje's Horse (Troop No. 6)

Natal Native Pioneers
- Capt. J. Nolan's Company No. 1
- Capt. G. Beddoes' Company No. 2
- Capt. W. Allen's Company No. 3

Shepstone's Horse / Shepstone's Basothos (T. Shepstone jr.)

Teteleku's Mounted Natives (Chief Teteleku; R. Beachcroft)

Wood's Irregulars

-- 1 Battalion / 1st (Cdt. J. Henderson)

-- 2 Battalion / 1st (R. Roberts)

Wood's Scouts

IV. Zulu units

inGobamakhosi ibutho
uMbonambi ibutho
uVe ibutho
umKhulushane ibutho
isAngqu ibutho
umCijo ibutho
umHlanga ibutho
uDududu ibutho
uNokhenke ibutho
uDloko ibutho
inDluyengwe ibutho
iNdlondlo ibutho



  1. My grandfather, James Joseph Cooke was in Royal Artillery N battery, 5th Brigade. He was a Sergeant I believe - the Capt J Cooke mentioned here - was he a different J Cooke?

  2. Given the circumstances I would think it's a different person. If you like to know more about your grandfather I recommend you this forum.
    They have an own area for genealogy and some very knowledgable people who might be able to help you.