June 30, 2012

Progression of Isandlwana - Thin Red Line mod for Medieval II: Total War

I know I said no campaign will be had but then I had some spare time and against better knowledge invested it in ... a campaign. Doh! Well, there's still a long way to go but here's some concepts and ideas as to what a future release might look like. (Please note that part of the UI is still the very "empire-ish" UI Radboud made for the African Conquest-mod which I happen to collaborate with)

So here it is ...

... the campaign map preview:

New splash screen with revamped title

The campaign map in the contemporary geopolitical context


Featuring authentic characters in rare original photographs in historic places, ...

... real historical places, named forts and landmarks, like Rorke's Drift, Isandlwana and Blood River, ... (no invisivble texture has been applied yet, quite obviously )

... real characters with photos, lots of interesting info and the correct units under their command

... real landmarks, realistic ressources in the correct places and character and village names, which had been almost forgotten, for the Zulu faction.

The Colony of Transvaal ... will the Boers side with the Empire to conquer the land of the Zulu or use the opportunity to get rid of the English?

Join the invasion and accompany Colonel Pearson's coastal column with the Naval Brigade!

Four factions: Zulu Kingdom, British Empire, Swazi Kingdom and the Colony of Transvaal 

So that's all for today. Tell me what you think either here or in the mod-thread on twcenter.net.


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