February 09, 2012

Unit Preview for "Isandlwana - Thin Red Line"

These are some unit previews for my mod and the African Conquest-mod, which I happen to be a developer (modeling, mapping) of. Because of African Conquest's wider scope, some units of other colonial powers will be shown here.

British regular infantry (around 1880).
First picture shows several companies and the battalion guard with Queens colours in the foreground. An unit includes soldier models, officers, bugler and sometimes flagbearer. The soldiers have no valise attached which wouldn't have been worn in battle. Soldiers have breech-loading caliber .577/450 Martini-Henrini rifles with bayonets while Officers are equipped with Beaumont-Adams revolvers and sabres. The unit has insignia of the 24th Regiment of Foot.

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German Southwest Colonial State Police (around 1890)
Because of German Southwest Africa's vast size the State Police was a mounted force which would, however, invariably dismount to fight. Although not shown here, both variants are included with the mounted unit being in patrol size. Unit includes soldier models and officers so far.
The soldiers are (perhaps wrongly) equipped with 8mm Mauser model 88 bolt action rifles and bayonets. Officers carry a (still dysfunctional) 10,6 mm Reichsrevoler and sabres.

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Zulu Warriors
The Zulu army consisted of armies, corps, regiments (ibuthos) and companies (mavingos). The models are basically revamped vanilla native americans with new faces. As was customary at the time they don't wear the elaborate ceremonial dress in battle. The shield patterns reflect roughly seniority with black representing the most experienced units. That said, many units were mixed in that regard or didn't adhere to that rule at all. Weapons were the traditional assegai (a short thrusting spear), the knobkerrie (a club) and some dated rifles and muskets.

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Suggestions and criticisms always welcome.

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