February 24, 2012

Unit Preview for African Conquest

German Schutztruppe (around 1891)
Due to raising native unrest and resistance to the German occupation in Southwest Africa the colony would from about 1891 on additionally be controlled by a military force called Schutztruppe (protection force). This force developed partly out of the colonial police force, which it was to relieve, but mainly consisted of soldiers transferred from the German Army and especially the cavalry branch.
Since the Schutztruppe was a mounted force which, however, would fight dismounted the unit will be available as a dismounted unit in company size and as a mounted unit in patrol size. Unit includes soldier models, a flag bearer, bugler and officer model.
The soldiers were equipped with 8mm Mauser model bolt action rifles or carbines and bayonets. Officers carry a (still dysfunctional) 10,6 mm Reichsrevoler and sabres.

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