February 10, 2012

More unit previews for "Isandlwana - Thin Red Line"

These are units that are already implemented in the "thinredline"-mod but will also appear in the "African Conquest"-mod.

Newcastle Mounted Rifles
This was one of the many colonial units founded by settlers for protection in the Colony of Natal. This wasn't entirely voluntary but encouraged and supported by the Natal government which was unable to afford a militia system on its own.
The Newcastle Mounted Rifles were created in 1875 and then commanded by Capt. Osborne. The about 50 men strong unit was primarily equipped with Swinburn-Henry carbines. As a sidearm the men would carry a revolver, which however isn't implemented yet.

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Royal Artillery Crew
Rocket troughs, artillery and gatling guns were mostly operated by the Royal Artillery Corps and basically organised in brigades, batteries and sections. Not being combat troops the men were equipped with revolvers and sabres and in theory two Martini-Henry carbines per gun crew. In a hand-to-hand combat they would fight with everything available.
The unit shown here has insignia of the 5th Brigade.

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