July 03, 2012

Unit Preview No. 6 - Naval Brigade Detachments (~1879)

The Naval Brigade in the Anglo-Zulu War was a force of Royal Marines and sailors. At least individuals of the brigade/Royal Navy were present in every major battle of the war. They were employed as signal men, artillery (gatling, rocket launcher) crews and also fought alongside the regular infantry. They were mainly used in the coastal region.
The men, whites and blacks (the so-called Kroomen*) alike, were mostly from HMS's, "Active", "Shah", "Tenedos" & "Boadicea".
To distinguish the sailors in these detachments different combinations of uniform dress were worn.

HMS Active: Blue jumpers, white trousers, white caps
HMS Tenedos: Blue jumpers, blue trousers, white (later blue) cap cover
HMS Boadicea: White jumper, white trousers, blue cap cover
HMS Shah: Blue jumpers, blue trousers, sennet hat

The men were equipped with the Martini-Heny rifle just like the regular infantry. Instead of the conventional bayonet they used a special type of cutlass-bayonet sidearm.

Sailors in the Naval Brigade (Detachment from HMS "Tenedos") 


Black Sailors (Kroomen) in the Naval Brigade (Detachment from HMS "Tenedos")

Sailors in the Naval Brigade (Detachment from HMS "Active")

Further Reading

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*Fun fact: Kroomen is sometimes understood as an "africanized" form of the english word crewmen but originally refers to the Westafrican Kru-people to which most of the black sailors, then in British service, did belong.

July 02, 2012

"Isandlwana - Thin Red Line"-mod signatures for twcenter.net

If you're on twcenter and like "Isandlwana - Thin Red Line", these signatures are the way to show it! (All in 550x108 pixels.)

The "classic" in all it's bloody glory

A challenger appears ...

Holding the line .. will they?

Want to make these clickable?

Just add this line in the signature box ... :


... and replace the weblink with one of your choice and replace the imagelink with the link of the sig picture you like most.

That's it

P.S. More info on the mod can be found here

June 30, 2012

Facebook & Twitter

Yes, Thin Red Line is on Facebook and Twitter, too.



Progression of Isandlwana - Thin Red Line mod for Medieval II: Total War

I know I said no campaign will be had but then I had some spare time and against better knowledge invested it in ... a campaign. Doh! Well, there's still a long way to go but here's some concepts and ideas as to what a future release might look like. (Please note that part of the UI is still the very "empire-ish" UI Radboud made for the African Conquest-mod which I happen to collaborate with)

So here it is ...

... the campaign map preview:

New splash screen with revamped title

The campaign map in the contemporary geopolitical context


Featuring authentic characters in rare original photographs in historic places, ...

... real historical places, named forts and landmarks, like Rorke's Drift, Isandlwana and Blood River, ... (no invisivble texture has been applied yet, quite obviously )

... real characters with photos, lots of interesting info and the correct units under their command

... real landmarks, realistic ressources in the correct places and character and village names, which had been almost forgotten, for the Zulu faction.

The Colony of Transvaal ... will the Boers side with the Empire to conquer the land of the Zulu or use the opportunity to get rid of the English?

Join the invasion and accompany Colonel Pearson's coastal column with the Naval Brigade!

Four factions: Zulu Kingdom, British Empire, Swazi Kingdom and the Colony of Transvaal 

So that's all for today. Tell me what you think either here or in the mod-thread on twcenter.net.


May 09, 2012

Photo of Captain of 57th Regiment of Foot colourized

A Captain of the 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot. The tunic is of the india pattern. The facing of the 57th was a lemon-yellow, though the cuffs were sometimes left in red.

May 07, 2012

Picture of Capt. George V.A. Wardell colourized

Captain George V.A. Wardell was a member of the British Army during the Victorian Age. He died on Janurary 22nd, 1879 in the Battle of Isandlwana short after the outbreak of war where he commanded H company of 1/24th Regiment of Foot (2nd Warwickshire). Besides him, almost the whole British force was wiped out.

The photo was taken in 1877. Enhancement and colourization by me.